Listed below are recent publications relevant to the HERC initiatives.  For a complete list of references please visit our Zotero Group here.

[zotpress userid="55632" item="457HQ69Q"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="V2FT36HX"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="NNQITTC5"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="EBJSPUM3"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="7H9URWN3"]

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[zotpress userid="55632" item="68VM5NR5"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="PN6C9WGJ"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="7PX3A33P"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="EHT345XI"]

[zotpress userid="55632" item="UBM257QJ"]


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