The GPS+Camera Project
The GPS+Camera Project gives high school students opportunities for real original interdisciplinary research opportunities integrated into their formal year-long curriculum. Each year, students examine a single essential question that relates to human-environmental interaction over time for one week per subject area. One week in math, one week in social studies, one week in biology, etc. The projects are staggered throughout the year, giving students year-round interdisciplinary engagement with issues of sustainability and resilience. Student research is recorded in writing, photos, and videos and spatially located using a Global Positioning System (GPS) and uploaded to the GPS+Camera Website. The GPS+Camera Website combines place-based data management (similar to Google Earth) with social networking, allowing students to publish their work online and engage in dialogue with other student researchers worldwide.

The GPS+Camera June, 2012 Barbuda Pilot Project
This summer we will examine the question “How has Codrington Village changed over time?” in Biology, Social Studies, and History classes. Students in Biology class will research mangroves near Codrington Village. Students, led my Maggie Morrison of Teachers College, Columbia University, will examine ecosystem productivity to understand how the mangroves help Barbuda today but will also conduct oral history interviews with elders in the village to see how Barbudans used the mangroves in the past. In History class, students, led by Dan McGovern of Teachers College, Columbia University, will use primary sources, artifacts from recent excavations, interpretation of historic structures, and interviews with community elders and archaeologists to understand how and why Codrington Castle changed over time. In Social Studies class, students, led by Mike Cornell of Teachers College, Columbia University, will use oral history interviews and the historic site of Indigo Well to examine how and why animal husbandry practices on Barbuda changed over time.

Teaching and Curriculum Development Team
Dan McGovern
Maggie Morrison
Mike Cornell

Monitoring and Evaluation Team
Dan McGovern
Yumiko Locussol
RJ Walz
Katie Doane
Emily Richardson

Contact Info
Dan McGovern

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