The Barbuda Field School will include:

Interdisciplinary research including scholars in Ecology, Paleobotany, Marine Biology, and Archaeology

Strombus – an Archaic Pre-Columbian Amerindian site

Codrington Castle – the grand estate built by John and Christopher Codrington in 1685

Post-excavation work including ceramic, lithic, and faunal analysis


You will learn such skills as:

Proper archaeological excavation techniques

Museum Studies

Archaeological survey, Total Station, and GPS Mapping


Island excursions will include:

Pre-historic caves with petroglyphs

Hiking through the Highlands to tropical sink holes

Boat trip to the Frigate Bird Colony in the island’s mangrove swamp

Opportunities to swim on pristine beaches and snorkel near coastal coral reefs

Inter-island excursion into neighboring island Antigua


To view more information about the Barbuda Archaeological field school please visit:


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